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Welcome to Boromir: A hero's Journey; the first but now not the only page dedicated to Boromir


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Smile! You're on camera.

This site is dedicated to the character Boromir from the "Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship Of The Ring" movie. This page is MAINLY for the movie: but a few fanfic and info is from the books! Here you can also find info and images on Legolas and Aragorn as well as on Sean Bean , the talented actor who played Boromir.
This page has, to my knowlegde, the biggest fan fiction archive for Boromir related stories on the net! It also has one of the biggest galleries for Boromir, Faramir, Legolas, Elrond, Arwen, Haldir, Aragorn and many others on the net!

Webmistress for "Boromir: A hero's Journey" is . I'll like to acknowledge all the great work that Minerva did for this page. Without her this page would never have been. I owe you everything, Minerva. Thanks for helping me out. I'll also like to thank Michele, L. Burke, Mysterio Gal and Shadowcat Rules for their great help. You have all been so wonderful! Thanks. A special and very big thanks goes to Kim; without you I could never have remade this page. Also thanks so much to Draken for helping me with the backup *blows kisses*. A special thanks to Eriq who redid this page for me. You're the greatest! Hugz and thanks to you!
Special thanks to Annie from The Bean Pool for the title image and top images on each page. You're the best!


Last updated on 12/11/2008 ~~~~ Make love; not war~~~~ Support equal rights; sign the petition for equal marriage rights! (click here!) ~~~~Newest updates at the end of this page~~~

15/07/2004:10 new fanfic: Of Songs and Heroes I by Acacea, Of Songs and Heroes II by Acacea, Relief by Acacea, Remembering Boromir by Avon, Song of Three by Avon, The Mortal Road by Avon, Midsummer by Lanna Michaels, Glorious by Tango, Dragons Egg by Shireling and Sleep Easy by Shireling.

24/08/2004:2 new fanfic: A New Dawn by DJ and First and Last by Ruby. The images for ROTK are on their way. The images in the gallery are all there; and no I have no idea why some of you cannot view a larger image. If someone knows please tell me and I'll correct it. One thing that does work is to open the image in a new window and remove the words between the '.com' and the '/gallery' so that an URL for an image looks like this: 'http://boromir.50megs.com/gallery/Foldername/imagename.jpg'. That's all I can do for you at this time since the links are not broken. Sorry.

22/09/2004:10 new fanfic: Twilight by Acacea, Dark Dreams by Avon, Whose Child Is This? by Blue Iris, The Sailor and the Sea Kings Daugher by Bodkin, The Road Home by DinaLori, Shriven by Lulenny, Unclean by Lulenny, So Slips the Sands of Time by Nimrodel/Jen, What He Left Behind by Nimrodel/Jen and Remember When It Rained by Vendie.
The ROTK images has been delayed (again) and I will now try for a December release. Sorry, guys, but RL has just been too hectic lately. I tested the images currently up in the gallery again and I could view them. However I wrote up a way for you who cannot see the enlargements to view all the pics anyway. Go to the gallery to read this.

29/09/2004:6 new fanfics (read the warnings!): Faramir's Adoration by Persephone, Faramir's Tears by Persephone, Embarrassed by Persephone, In Accord by Persephone, Let It Burn by Persephone and Warriors Of Gondor by Hel.

10/10/2004:3 new fanfics (read the warnings!): A Mere Bowman by Empy, Trespasser by Empy and Adamant and Iron by Empy.

31/10/2004:A new section called Song Vids. Go enjoy great music set to your fav LOTR moments! And happy Halloween to anyone who celebrates it.
This is my happy face

02/11/2004: New layout. And yes, it's the same as the one on my Cyclops/Scott webpage. I don't have any time for this. Bite me!
New human rights links.

04/11/2004:New Faramir links and affiliates.

05/11/2004:New Faramir section. I went through the entire gallery and I can view a larger image by just clicking on it so I don't know why some of you can't. I cannot fix what (to me at least) isn't broken. Sorry.

07/11/2004:Fanfic section got new design, fanfic recs section added and songvids section updated.

07/11/2004:Songvids section updated. Elrond and Legolas images from ROTK added.

09/11/2004:ROTK images for everyone plus Haldir images from FOTR and TTT added (I didn't forget, lov, I just took me over a year to get to it). The quality is great so they take longer to load but they're all there. Have patience and refresh if you miss some of them. Thanks again, Jenn! *blows kisses*

13/11/2004: FOTR EE images for Boromir added to the gallery.

15/11/2004: 4 new fanfics: "Night Talk" by Juxian Tang, "Hands Of The King" by Juxian Tang, "Reflection Of Mania" by Juxian Tang and "Bitch Of Rohan" by Juxian Tang. They should have been up long ago but somehow got lost. Sorry about that! (since there is a new fanfic index that lists all new fics with a link I'll no longer link them on the front page as well)

19/11/2004: 4 new fanfics: "Any Other Name" by Darkie, "Departure" by Darkie, "Farewell" by Darkie, "Bane" by Darkie.

17/12/2004: 2 new fanfics: "To Live Again" by DJ and "The Steward and the Prince" by Ylith. Links to my 2 newest webpages, "You Strike Me Still" and "Beloved t'hy'la" are up under the nagivation menu. Happy Holidays!

30/01/2005: 2 new fanfic links. A section on LOTR fanfic zines added. 12 new fanfics: "A Gondorian Knight's Tale" by Osiris Brackhaus, "Descent" by Beryll, "White" by Beryll, "Foolish Pride" by Beryll, "Corsair" by Beryll, "Treasure Hunt" by Beryll, "Saving Prince Theodred" by Beryll, "Caught" by Beryll, "The Weakest Link" by Foofy, "For Gondor" by Foofy, "And All Because" by Foofy and "Count the Candles" by Foofy

31/01/2005: 3 new fanfics: "The Court of the King-A Dark AU" by BelleImani, "The Dark Part of His Soul" by Athelas and Clairon and "Tonerna" by Saklani.

01/02/2005: 4 new fanfics: "The Moria Tales" by Indy Baggins, "The Race for the Sun" by Sivan Shemesh, "Something to Talk About" by Talullah and "Lord of the Rings: Big Brother style!" by Eryn Galen.

11/02/2005: New links for SB and LOTR characters added. 1 new affiliate. 1 new song vid link added. Carolyn's fanfiction zine now has a date; April 2005. My own personal review of SB's movie National Treasure up on the SB movie review page. 5 new fanfics: "The Burglar" by Balrog Pimp, "Guardian Angel" by Balrog Pimp, "Giggles in the Dark" by Balrog Pimp, "Honest Urges" by Razzleslash and "A Moment of Weakness" by Corliamat.

10/05/2005: 2 new fanfics: "Lost Hope - part 1" by moi crazy jen and "Lost Hope - part 2" by moi crazy jen.

15/08/2005: 2 new fanfics: "Reflections" by Nadrilin and "Too Much love will kill you" by Nadrilin

21/12/2005: 3 new fanfics: "Assume, Confuse, Consume, Amuse" by Pipkin Sweetgrass, "In the Shadow of His Blade" by Pipkin Sweetgrass and "Creatures of Habit" by Pipkin Sweetgrass. Merry Christmas/happy holidays and happy New year!

21/02/2007: 14 new slash fanfics by Alex Quine added.

13/01/2008: The fanfiction zine page has been updated. The 300 page LOTR zine novel "Fellowship Of Heroes" by Nadja Lee (where Boromir gets to see all the action) is now out. For information on how to order this zine please go here: http://nadjalee.livejournal.com/59594.html.

15/01/2008: The fanfiction section, gallery and every other link which was dead should be back up now.

12/11/2008:Fan Fiction zines section was updated with a new LOTR slash zine with a Aragorn/Boromir pairing.

---------end of update history---------

RL is still heavy. So, if someone wants to help out on this page, mainly with finding fanfic for me, then I'll greatly appreciate the help. You need no HTML knowledge, just time and a desire to help out (oh, and of course you need to be willing to follow my instructions but don't worry; they're easy enough). E-mail me if you're interested in keeping this page up to date with the latest Boromir fics and I'll explain your duties as my assistant. Come on.I promise not to biteunless you want me to that is *EG*

Your webmistress is very busy. Updates will be slow.

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